Lucknow police’s innovative idea; ‘Jagte Raho’ to be new PRV siren tune

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Lucknow police's innovative idea; 'Jagte Raho' to be new PRV siren tune

Lucknow police have come up with an innovative idea to alert the public in the city.
As a pilot project, all Dial-100 Police Response Vehicles’ (PRV) will now get a twist in their siren tunes. They will play tunes of “Jagte Raho” (stay awake) in Lucknow. This was confirmed by Abhay Mishra, Circle Officer, Hazratganj said on Tuesday.

“The tune will be played in PRVs all night to alert the public, like watchmen used to do. It has started in Hazratganj as a pilot project. Its success will be monitored and will be applied elsewhere in future,” Mishra was quoted by newswire ANI.

Police are trying this unique measure to curb the menace of criminals in the area.
The sirens will be used to alert the people in the area and if found to be successful, the recorded messages can be applied to other areas such as traffic management as well.

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