Tips to solve and minimise arguments with your partner


No relationships are fool-proof and there are always ups and downs as well as the difference of opinions. Even the healthiest of relationships go through their own share of disturbances and problems. However, the best way to get out is to resolve arguments in the best possible way without damaging the relationship.


Instead of going on and stretching an argument, give your partner time to cool off and take some space as well. The cooling period will help you bounce back and talk calmly.

Make it a habit

Try to take time and then talk it off instead of sleeping on your issues else they will just pile up. Make it a rule and habit to keep egos aside while having a conversation and resolving fights so they don’t keep happening over and over again.

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Keep your ego aside and apologize 

Keep an apology as a tool to end the fight but also acknowledge what your partner is feeling and not just like you have said a few words. it should mean that you understand the problems and will try and keep them in check.

Form a bond

Use arguments as an opportunity to understand your partner better and form a stronger bond with them by realizing the issues, dealing them in a right manner and moving on.

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