Reminiscing the best of Meryl Streep as she turns 70

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The glamour of Hollywood would shed a few lights if Meryl Streep wasn’t mentioned as one of its breathtaking  pioneers.

The leading ‘Iron’ woman of the Hollywood boulevard tags to her name numerous accolades ; including three Academy Awards and eight Golden Globes, and over a hundred different categories of nominations for her phenomenal role as an actress in any skin.

Today, on her 70th birthday, let’s take a short journey down the memory lane, remembering Streep in her best personas on screen and on stage.

Critics call her the best actress of all times, a theatrical diva and the queen of accents. In more than half the movies that she’s acted in, one would see her sport a unique accent in the most authentic and pleasing manner; be it British, Polish, Australian or any other European tongue. Though, she was born in New Jersey, America, her family brought into the large melting pot traditions by blood from various European nations;  having Polish, German, English and Irish ancestors on both sides of her parents. She was always encouraged by her family to do what she desired, to the best of capabilities.

As a young teenager, theatre was always something that drove her in life. She started her journey in acting when she was in college, and was a sensation in her university.

She may have become quite the local star, but acting never stopped her from getting herself the education she desired.  She waited tables, took classes at Yale and simultaneous worked in a dozen productions in a year.

On stage, her performances were always commendable and remarkable. Yet, her role in Tennessee Williams’ ‘27 Wagons Full of Cotton’ caught the eye of the crowd and she went on to bag a Tony Award nomination for ‘Best Featured Actress in a Play’.

Her first on-screen presence was seen in the 1978 movie ‘The Deer Hunter’, opposite Robert De Niro and her then ‘lover’ John Cazale.

At the untimely death of John Cazale, she was taken aback and was said to have nursed ailing Crazale until he eventually gave way to his succumbing cancer.

After six months of Cazale’s death, she married her husband of 40 years, Don Gummer, with whom she has four lovely children.

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Further, her movies brought out to the world an acting that still had complete ownership of itself. By 1990’s, Meryl had developed an onscreen identity for herself that was completely incomparable with anyone of her league.

Meryl Streep, with the roles she portrayed and the movies she acted in, was also propagating the voice of a million women.

With dynamic roles like the ones in ‘Kramer Vs Kramer’, for which she bagged her first Academy Award; and in movies such Plenty(1985), Iron Lady, Sophie’s Choice, Devil Wears Prada, Mamma Mia and many more.

The list of her exceptional talent may go on quite indefinitely as she gears up with her most recent appearance in ‘Big Little Lies’

Here’s wishing the sensational Meryl Streep, a very Happy Birthday!

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