Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife Sussanne backs Roshan family, says Sunaina is in ‘unfortunate situation’

There has been a recent twist in the much-hyped Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan controversy, when Sunaina Roshan announced that she backs the Manikarnika star.

Hrithik Roshan’s sister was in news recently, after reports of her being treated for bipolar disorder emerged.

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The reports stated that her health had deteriorated and she was being kept under critical watch as she is facing problems due to her psychological condition.

Sunaina Roshan took to twitter to extend her support to Kangana. She wrote, ‘I support Kangana all through’.

While she did not provide much details, she added, ‘ And living in hell continues…. Gosh I’m tired’, with which she hinted that all is not well in her family.

In response even Kangana’s sister Rangoli made some shocking revelations about Roshan family.


Rangoli alleged that Roshan family is physically assaulting Sunaina and she seeks out Kangana’s help. She added that Hrithik is trying to get his sister behind bars for loving a Muslim man. Moreover, she said that she has all the messages and phone call recordings as evidence.

However, Sunaina has dismissed all reports of her being psychologically ill in her social media message. She stands with Kangana Ranaut and has also apologized to Kangana for not standing with her during the feud.

Sussanne Khan, could not stay quiet on the matter and shared a post in support of the Roshan family, she wrote, “As a part of my experience with all concerned and in my life span of being a part of this close-knit family, I know Sunaina, to be an extremely loving, warm, caring person, who is in an unfortunate situation”.


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Moreover, even Rakesh Roshan’s nephew came out to support Hrithik Roshan and slammed Kangana and her sister.

He wrote, “It’s sad to see how people can stoop this low as to use a vulnerable period of a family for their own ends. Even if there is a family crisis, Didi has the law and order machinery of this country for her.”

He further added, “Why are these sisters obsessed with this family? My bade papa is undergoing a health crisis, Didi is vulnerable. It’s a very sensitive period for our family. I request these people to be sensitive and not act as vultures.”


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