While finding a romantic partner, do people look for their ‘type’?


If you are looking for a relationship and a partner there is a pattern that you might follow or check off a wishlist.

As per a study carried out by researchers at the University of Toronto (U of T), Canada, the new study set out to investigate whether we are drawn to the same type of person across romantic relationships, by comparing the personalities of the current and past partners of 332 people.

The study took place in a way that people were asked to assess their own personality traits such as agreeableness, conscientiousness, extraversion, neuroticism, and openness to experience, and to answer on statements like “I am usually modest and reserved,” “I am interested in many different kinds of things” and “I make plans and carry them out.”

The findings, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, showed that people did indeed appear to look for relationships with the same type of person again and again, with the team finding that both current and ex-partners described themselves in a similar way.

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“The degree of consistency from one relationship to the next suggests that people may indeed have a ‘type’,” added co-author Geoff MacDonald. “And though our data do not make clear why people’s partners exhibit similar personalities, it is noteworthy that we found partner similarity above and beyond similarity to oneself.”

By asking people to report on their own personalities, the team got a better idea of their expectations.

“Our study was particularly rigorous because we didn’t just rely on one person recalling their various partners’ personalities,” said Park. “We had reports from the partners themselves in real time.”

“In every relationship, people learn strategies for working with their partner’s personality,” says Park. “If your new partner’s personality resembles your ex-partner’s personality, transferring the skills you learned might be an effective way to start a new relationship on a good footing.”

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