Nitish Kumar holds high-level meeting over liquor ban in Bihar

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Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Thursday conducted a high-level meeting in Patna to tighten prohibition in the state regarding investigations, arrests and seizures related to illicit liquor.

He directed the police personnel to take in writing from each police station that illegal alcohol trade was not taking place in their area. “If alcohol is recovered from the area after that, the police personnel won’t be given postings in police stations for next 10 years,” read a press release from the chief minister’s office.

Stating that the alcohol ban has reduced the crime rate in the state, specifically against women and children, Kumar asked the police to work towards implementing the alcohol ban on a permanent basis.

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Kumar also advocated tracking down the liquor mafias and advised the police to check those who were in the alcohol business before the ban and track what they are doing now.

Besides this, the chief minister directed the police to track down the neighbouring states from where alcohol is being brought into the state, saying that Haryana or any other state’s label on alcohol bottles may just be a way to deceive the police when the alcohol is brought in from some neighbouring state.

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