Monochrome is the new style trend and celebrities can’t get enough of it

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Who says wearing one colour is boring and unfashionable!

Look how these celebs pull it off so well. Monochromes are everywhere and they are the 2019 growing trend. From dresses, suits, gowns, jackets, pants to makeup, home décor and nail paints monochromatic palettes serve it all.

Monochromes are not just about one colour but varying shades of a colour. It is all about experimenting with different shades of a colour to be able to create a perfect look for yourself. The monochromatic dressing can highlight or downplay certain parts of our body or can add depth and dimension to the outfit. The multiple layers of varied texture, as the Black and White ensemble, can prove out to be a very striking style choice.

Dressing monochromatically is a simple and clean approach as compared to the difficult choices we have to make while mixing patterns and colour because all we have to do is grab clothes in one matching hue and we are good to go.

We can also mix textures, layers and styles while keeping it monochrome. However, one simple monochrome attire, which anyone can nail with aplomb, is the ‘Little Monochrome Dress’ (LMD).

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Not only women but even men embrace the beauty of monochromes

Be it celebrities or common folks, monochromatic outfits look great on everyone as it offers visual appeal. Hence, it is worth a try and you should not be afraid to experiment with it.

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