Happy birthday Chris Evans: The quintessential blue-eyed boy

Chris Evans

As the iconic Marvel actor turns 38, let’s take a trip down memory lane and commemorate his achievements. Chris Evans, starting his career from the teenage rom-com “Not Another Teen Movie” in 2001. He also portrayed the legendary character of Steve Rodgers in the Captain America movies.

Early on in his career, he bagged the iconic role of ‘The Human Torch’ in the superhero movie, The Fantastic Four, in 2005. He reprised his role for the sequel in 2007, ‘Fantastic Four 2’.

Slowly but steadily, Chris’ career grew landing him leading roles in successful movies like ‘Push’ in 2009, ‘What’s your number?’ in 2011, ‘Puncture’ in 2011, ‘Playing It Cool’ in 2015 and ‘Gifted’ in 2017.

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Although, in 2011 he got the opportunity to portray the coveted role of Steve Rodgers in the Captain America trilogy of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is best known for his role as the ‘Cap’.

Evans has shown great versatility and courage in his career as he is not afraid to explore different genres. Apart from playing the undefeated superhero characters, he has also played the role of a struggling uncle in ‘Gifted’ and in a romantic role in ‘Before We Go’.

Let’s take this day to celebrate almost 2 decades of captivating cinema and television provided by the works of Chris Evans, on his 38th birthday.

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