Super app of Southeast Asia GOJEK acquires AirCTO, expands in India


GOJEK has acquired a Bangalore-based company AirCTO, Artificial Intelligence recruitment platform, and has opened its second engineering and product development centre in Gurugram. GOJEK plans to hire over 100 people and expand operations as well as acquire the existing pool of the startup.

GOJEK is headquartered in Indonesia and invests in companies with expertise in engineering, design and product management. GOJEK is a Super App which centres around ordering food, commuting, digital payments, shopping, hyper-local delivery, getting a massage and two dozen services. GOJEK is currently the largest single-market food delivery app in the world except for China.

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“Our investment in Gurgaon underlines our commitment to growing the GOJEK India story. We have looked at multiple ways to expand our operations and concluded that Gurgaon is a logical destination to set up shop, not least because of the amazing talent we have found in the area. GOJEK recorded an annualized Gross Transaction Value (GTV) of US$9 billion as of 2018, and the hyper-growth journey we’ve been on demands talent who are willing to take risks, fail, learn and continue to scale a company that aims to solve everyday problems for Southeast Asia.” said Sidu Ponnappa, MD India at GOJEK.

Atif Haider, Founder, AirCTO, said, “At AirCTO we’ve focused on the pain points technology firms experience as they seek to find talent that fits their requirements. We believe that recruiting as an industry needs a major upheaval, and we started AirCTO with this in mind. Over the past three years, we’ve helped a range of startups and corporates source qualified candidates for critical technology roles. We were in talks with a number of other tech giants, but we found GOJEK to be the best fit, as we share similar DNA – something that’s really important for us. We intend to use our prowess in recruitment to contribute to the hyper-growth GOJEK is currently experiencing across Southeast Asia.”

Melinda Gates, Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, also said that GOJEK’s use of technology can be studied on how digital tools can help increase growth and inclusion.

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