3 Natural ways to get soft and radiant skin

We all want supple and radiant skin, especially in summers. Although there are plenty of options, they have chemicals and may also not suit all skin types.

Here are some natural and no-nonsense ways of making your skin naturally beautiful and vibrant:

Coconut Water 

Coconut water is not only a refreshing and revitalising drink but also has innumerable benefits for the skin.
It acts as a coolant for the skin and a natural moisturiser. It’s sublime for the people who have oily skin as it acts as a catalyst in reducing oil content on the face.
Consumption of coconut water hydrates the skin and benefits the body. It has the power to provide that extraordinary glow to the skin.


Turmeric is used to help the body in many ailments, in Indian households normally. For the skin, turmeric helps reduce blemishes and dark circles. You can also rub it on your teeth daily and it will magically help reduce the yellow stains. For the skin, make a face mask with turmeric, curd and chickpea flour. Put it on your skin and it will be flawless in a matter of months.

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Honey benefits the body in many ways, one should have a lukewarm glass of honey and lemon which helps cleanse the stomach lining right in the morning. The other ways honey helps the skin is that it fights acne, cleanser and moisturizes the skin as well as removes dead cells.


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