This 84 year old grandfather is an Insta fashion model

Grandpa fashion model

Meet Silver Tetsuya from Japan, who has carved a niche in the fashion world. He is one of the oldest models you will come across on social media and his style is impeccable. Silver Tetsuya has become an overnight sensation on Insta after he shared posts wearing his grandson’s clothes.

This started off as an experiment and now Tetsuya has become widely popular. His grandson Naoya Kudo was home for a holiday when he decided to dress uop his grandad and take pictures. The response was overwhelming. Tetsuya’s Instagram now has over 98 K followers with a witty intro that says “I wear my grandson’s clothes”.

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His showstopper clothes range from t-shirts to casual suits and leather jackets to gangsta-look hats and jewellery, he is rocking every look!

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