IIT Delhi students to launch emergency services, now women can safely travel across the country

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Students and Alumni Come up with a Pan India Helpline (1800 419 7779) to Trigger Emergency Response and avail cheapest service to Provide Roadside Assistance, especially to women. The idea is to make your road journey as hassle-free and as safe as possible.

Indian Road Safety Campaign, an organization led by students and alumni of IIT Delhi to eradicate road traffic injuries. IRSC is currently working with people from the UN, WHO, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, various State Govts, Zonal Policies, Supreme Court, AIIMS, IITs, TRIPP and other research centres across the world in its endeavour towards Vision Zero. All this support further proves the extent of recognition the organisation has achieved.

While working on ways to help people on the road, IRSC realised that many of the major issues faced are due to the non-availability of services. Many people also lose their lives in road accidents because they do not get the required medical attention on time. The need for a platform which can provide roadside assistance was felt. Also, India lacks a universal number to trigger emergency care and road-side assistance in case of any issue with the journey hence IRSC decided to come up with a 24*7 helpline for the same.

iSAFE assist is one of the ideas of the organisation which is particularly dedicated to helping users with such issues, irrespective of the time and location. The service was launched on May at IIT Delhi by officials from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and other associations. Their team consists of over 6200+ authorized service providers, covering 28 states and 1795 cities. This service will be provided across all major cities and will be available 24×7 on all 365 days of the year. The services include availing of emergency towing and breakdown services, fuel delivery and flat tyre assistance. The emergency cab and accommodation assistance will be provided if your vehicle breaks down and cannot be repaired on the spot. The emergency towing services will also be availed by the people.

Many people lose their lives due to poor medical aid provided to them after a road accident. Sometimes people receive no aid whatsoever. To tackle such problems and make sure that people don’t die due to lack of medical aid, iSAFE Assist will also trigger ambulance facilities by connecting with the nearest hospital. To reach out to the nearest hospital via the service you won’t need to buy any package. It is a completely free of cost service to trigger emergency case. This is also available as an annual package or on-demand to avail the road-side assistance. This is also the cheapest service which is available pan India at less than INR 1 per day for two-wheelers with focus on students who generally commute via two wheelers and do not avail these services.

Apart from this, a leading issue in our country- women security- has also been kept in mind. Realising the fact that women also have to face several challenges daily while travelling alone, especially at night, iSAFE assist has services for them too. Women assist aims to provide assistance to women driving at night making it easier for them to pursue night duties without any troubles in mind. They work to assist women drivers in any problematic situation.

iSAFE assist is aiming at making life simpler and more efficient for road travellers. You’re going for a meeting and your car breaks down? iSAFE assist. You’re low on fuel and have no fuel stations nearby? iSAFE assist. You have a flat tyre? iSAFE assist. Basically, to solve all your roadside problems, iSAFE assist is there for you anytime, anywhere. It makes your day to day life easier. This is a good initiative taken by IRSC to eradicate anxiety and helplessness which comes with a car breakdown in the middle of nowhere.

Being the largest and the cheapest Roadside Assistance provider, iSAFE Assist has the potential to soon become the backbone of the roadside journey as it will provide its users with many services saving their most valuable possession- Time and also hope to save few lives through the initiative!

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