Here are 8 ways to beat the summer heat

The temperature has hit 48 degree Celsius in many parts of north India like Rajasthan and Palam, making it difficult for people to leave their home.

Hill stations are no exceptions, Kasauli, Mussoorie and Shimla, few of the most popular getaway spots have recorded high temperatures this June. But staying put is not an option, we need better ways to deal with it.

Here are some steps to consider before stepping out in sun-

• Apply a lot of Sunscreen to avoid sun-tan

Sunblock protects from harmful UV rays of the sun, along with protecting our skin against skin cancer. In the long run, it also prevents wrinkles and premature ageing.

  • Wear light coloured cotton clothes

    Cotton fabric tends to absorb the sweat and allows easy air circulation, keeping the body cool. Moreover, it is easy to wear, carry and feels comfortable. While cotton clothes in light shades would be a cherry on the cake, as light shades reflect light while dark shades absorb it.

  • Comfy and loose pants like wide-leg pants

    Comfortable loose pants feel nice and cool, as they don’t stick too much and avoid sweating. There are many lightweight and summer friendly pants for summer, so look for those options or just wear a cool jumpsuit or linen pants.

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  • Avoid black undergarments instead choose bright colours

    Just like our clothes, our UG’s colour matter too. It is advisable to not wear dark, particularly black coloured undergarments as we go out in the sun as firstly black absorbs the maximum heat, making us sweat way too much and secondly, it increases the risk of cancer.

  • Carry an umbrella or wear a cute hat

    Carrying an umbrella or a hat is the most convenient and easy way to stay protected in the sun. It protects you from tanning and sunburns.

  • Put on your shades

    Shades along with looking gorgeous have another role to play, it protects our eyes from varying ailments due to prolonged exposure to the sun. Sunglasses also prevents dust from entering our eyes and cause irritation and damage. They also reduce the chances of migraine and headaches, hence don’t forget to carry your glasses the next time you step out

  • Style your scarf in a beautiful fashion

    Scarf adds to the overall look of our outfit, they can be styled in many creative ways to look glamorous. Apart from this, they help to cover the exposed parts of our body and prevent sun tanning. And when required, we can use them to cover our face or our head.

  • Keep yourself hydrated

    It is the simplest and natural ways to keep your brain, heart, muscles even every single part and system of the body in healthy condition. It allows smooth blood circulation and prevents dizziness.

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