Apple to buy AI startup to boost its self-driving car bid

It looks like Cupertino tech giant, Apple, is expanding their arms in automotive industry once again the company is all set to buy – an American startup that works on AI that aids autonomous vehicles.

According to reports, it will be an acqui-hire deal, which implies that Apple will just hire the talent from the startup without getting a claim to any of’s intellectual property.

If we look back at Apple’s bid for self-driving cars, the company in 2018 expanded its fleet of test cars and reportedly teamed with Volkswagen to test out cars.

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In Septemeber, in a major setback, one of Apple’s self-driving cars even had a rear-end collision.

The new startup acquisition will help Apple enhance its machine learning capabilities in the space.

Well, time will tell how self-driving cars become a reality for Apple.

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