The simple trick that will help you become more creative

Creative mind

How do creative people, inventors and startup owners come up with new ideas and where do they get their inspiration from? We all wonder how they make it and some of us need to do a lot of thinking to achieve a certain level of creativity.

Everyone has different habits and ways of working, some love solitude whole others burn the midnight oil. Modern-day visionaries Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs are famous for ‘walking meetings.’

This is one of the tricks to unblock your mind and enhance creativity. Instead of having a meeting in a closed space while sitting down, they are known to have meetings while walking which helps them get more creative.

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This common habit of walking among creative people have prompted researchers to figure out why people come up with their best ideas while walking. The reason is walking pumps the flow of blood and energizes the brain.

Walking requires minimal effort and lets our mind wander. The mind works subconsciously and can work on ideas. This allows people to have their ‘Eureka’ moments.

Instead of making it time bound or pre-determined walk, feel free to roam around to get your mind activated. Try to appreciate your surrounding and live for the moment while you are walking instead of thinking about issues that bother you.


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