PM gives priority to BJP-ruled states: Rahul Gandhi in Wayanad

Rahul Gandhi during a roadshow in Wayanad on Saturday.

Hitting out at PM Modi, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Sunday said Prime Minister gives priority to BJP-ruled states over those governed by opposition parties.

During a roadshow in Wayanad, he said, “I know that the Prime Minister will not treat Kerala as he treats Uttar Pradesh. He came here and said that Kerala is alike Varanasi. But I know (it is not) because CPM is ruling here. He will not treat it as a normal state. The PM gives priority to BJP ruled states over states ruled by other parties.”

On Saturday, while addressing a gathering in Kerala’s Guruvayur, Modi had on said, “Ones who voted to victory are ours and those who missed an opportunity to make us winner are also ours. Kerala is as ours as Varanasi.”

The Congress president also added that his party will put a fight against Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and not let the BJP’s ideological mentor remote-control the CPM-ruled state.

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He also asserted, “For Modi, either you follow the ideology of RSS or you are not Indian. We will never let Kerala be ruled from Nagpur. Kerala will be ruled by the people of Kerala.”

Thanking left-front and UDF leader for supporting his party in the Lok Sabha elections, he urged the ruling CPM to work for the welfare of Wayanad, his parliamentary constituency.

“Yesterday, a left-front MLA came to see me and I look forward to meeting more MLAs from the left front. We might have ideological differences and we will fight along with those lines but there are many things that we agree on for the future of Wayanad,” he said.

The Gandhi scion is on a three-day visit ending Sunday to his parliamentary constituency for the first time after winning the seat with a margin of more than 4 lakh votes.

(With ANI inputs)

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