Top 5 places to explore when you are in Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is one of the seven wonders of the world and is considered to be one of the most famous sights of the Incus Civilization located in Peru. It is one of the most unconventional and underrated places to visit in the world. Here is a guide for the top attractions of Machu Picchu:


The Sun Gate

Sun Gate
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The Sun Gate or Intipunku is made of steps that are believed to be a control gate for the people who enter and go out of the sanctuary. It is an extremely important archaeological monument which is made in honour of Incus, the sun god. 

The Temple Of The Moon

The temple of the moon
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The Temple Of The Moon served as an observation point to watch out for intruders. The temple consists of a group of caves with carvings and one of the caves is called Quilla (Moon). The temple was rediscovered in 1936 and it is also said that it used to hold mummies. It is located very near to Machu Picchu and has a very intricate architectural structure.

The Temple Of The Three Windows

Three Windows

This temple is referred to as The Temple Of The Three Windows as only three out of the five windows are remaining. These three windows each represent a part of the world- The Underground, The Heaven and The Present/ Actual Time. It is also believed that these windows represent the rise of the sun which was a very important aspect in the Inca Civilization.

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The Inca Bridge

The Inca Bridge

This is also known as the ‘secret entrance’ as it is believed that it was a secret passage built by Incus which led to the Machu Picchu for the Inca Army. Earlier it was made of dried grass and wood, today it no longer exists. The Inca Bridge Trek is a trek designed for the tourists and accessible all year-round.

The Watchman’s Hut

Watchman’s Hut

The entire city of Machu Picchu can be seen from The Watchman’s Hut and it is a very beautiful site to visit.


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