How distance makes the heart grow fonder in relationships


When boredom creeps in your relationship as it happens, it is due to couples spending too much time together. One of the reasons is being constantly together and you grow of sick each other. A way to add spice in the relationship and rekindle passion is to distance or give a chance for your partner to miss you.

Take some time off and give space and it will help you understand each other better.

Resolve issues 

Every couple has issues that are impending and when you are always together, they keep growing as you are in each other’s space. Stepping away gives you a fresh perspective and can help resolve issues.

Value each other more

When you are together and dependent, you may take each other for granted. This time will help you value each other more and get closer.

Try new things 

Always remember to have experiences individually and besides what you explore with your partner to keep your individuality intact. You may have different interests and hobbies and would like to take out time for them.

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Less boredom

When two people spend a lot of time together, their topics of conversation also grow limited. A short break will infuse new energy and reduce the boredom as there will be a lot to talk about.

Getting closer

Meeting your partner after a little gap will be romantic and will make you look forward to the meeting. But don’t overdo this, just keep it for situations when you feel things are getting too heavy.


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