Keep your pets safe from stress and heat stroke this summer

With summers around the corner and mercury levels rising across India, it is not only hot for humans but also animals. The scorching heat and humidity creates a big impact on your pet and affects them as they cannot sweat through their bodies.

They pant to keep themselves cool and due to this pets are more prone to heat stroke.

How to check if your pet is suffering from a heat stroke –

Excessive panting with drooling.

If your pet seems too lazy and doesn’t respond to you

Rapid heartbeat, vomiting, red gums.

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How to help them and prevent heat stroke –

  1. Avoid exposure during peak time and keep them inside during the day. All the outdoor activities should be done in the morning or late evening.
  2. Keep your pet hydrated throughout the day.
  3. Pay attention to the dog’s paws as they are sensitive and will burn quickly.
  4. Never leave your pet in the car as they will get stressed.

5. Keep them trimmed and take them for a spa regularly.
6. Keep checking on your pet and their vitals and take him to the vet regularly.

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