This is what Priyanka Gandhi did when she saw crowd chanting ‘Modi Modi’

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In the midsts of the extensive campaign ahead of the last phase of the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi on Monday stunned everyone when she stopped her convoy to greet supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who were chanting Modi, Modi.

In the video which was tweeted by Congress’ official Twitter handle, Priyanka Gandhi can be seen stepping out of the car and walked up to the BJP supporters and shook hands with them and said, “Aap apni jagah aur mai apni jagah (You are where you are and I am where I am). All the best.”

The young BJP supporters, surprised at this unexpected act, wished Priyanka Gandhi all the best. One of them was even seen clicking her photo.

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Eight Lok Sabha constituencies in Madhya Pradesh will go in the poll in the seventh and last phase of the elections and results will be announced on May 23rd.


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