Spice up your travel to Great Britain with these quirky offbeat locations


Contrary to popular belief Britain is not just about world-class architecture or posh and grand museums that highlight its vast historical significance, but it’s also about quirky and unconventional places that will leave you awestruck. Britain caters to a wide variety of fantasies for its travellers; be it a cheese rolling competitions down the hill, finding sea-shells on top of mountains or visiting the Rolling Stones Cafe to grab a drink.


Let’s explore a few destinations that should be on everyone’s bucket list.


God’s Own Junkyard 

Situated in the East London suburbs of Walthamstow, this place is a neon wonderland and a perfect spot for all art junkies. It is filled with neon signs and old reclaimed or salvaged objects that are reclaimed and spruced up to make them attractive.

Tresco Abbey Gardens

Situated off the coast of Cornwall, it is a tropical paradise awash plants that could not survive on the mainland. This is the unique reason that makes it a must-see attraction. It is full of a wide array of scents, sights, colours and sounds making it a perfect spot for a long beautiful walk during the months of spring and summer. It is also home to various species that are only found across the Mediterranean climate zones of the world making it extremely diverse. 

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Gloucestershire Cheese rolling

Considered to be one of the world’s most bizarre ‘Feats of Strength’ events, it is a great attraction for tourists to explore this grand tradition that essentially revolves around athletes who attempt to chase a wheel of cheese down a steep hill. After viewing this bizarre yet entertaining event, visitors can explore the nearby Forest of Dean for some solace and enjoy a quiet walk along a serene path.


Up Helly Aa 

This festival is an evening parade that celebrates the burning of a replica of the Viking longship. Visitors from all over the globe come here to experience this surreal festival of fire that looks like it came straight out of a big production movie. This festival is held to commemorate the Vikings who had ruled their land over a thousand years ago. 


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