Google I/O 2019 conference: Here’s all you need to know

Google I/O 2019 conference: Here's all you need to know

Google has announced new major features for the tenth version of Android today at Google I/O 2019 conference.

Android Q has oft-requested UI changes like dark mode, incognito mode to maps and improved gestures, as reported by The Verge.

It will now offer better permissions control where apps can access say, your location, only when you the app is open.

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Google is bringing incognito mode to Maps. Focusing on privacy, Google announced this feature at its I/O 2019 conference.

There’s a new accessibility option called Live Caption. There are also improvements to Android’s security and privacy models, many of which have been a long time coming.

The tech giant said it is expanding the reach of Google Assistant – its artificial-intelligence personal helpmate – to make it much more useful, including in the car.

The new Pixel 3A and Pixel 3AXL Android phones Google got announced The new phones offer a way to get the straight-up Android experience on a device. Pixel 3A has adaptive battery, uses machine learning to get up to 30 hours on a single charge.

Included 18w charger, 7 hours of battery with just 15m of charging. The new Pixel 3A will come with the same AI based camera including night sight, an OLED display, and advanced AR features.

Google announced that the Google Home line will now be rebranded under the Google Nest umbrella, and it announced a new product for the line: the $229 Nest Hub Max.

The device is essentially a combination of the Nest camera, Google Home Hub, and the Google Home Max, offering a security camera, smart display, and loudspeakers all in a single gadget.

Google Lens is getting some updates from last year, such as being able to contextualize a restaurant menu or information on a piece of paper.

This year, Google says Lens can search for exact dishes on a menu and surface photos of that dish based on Google Maps information to show you just how it looks before you order.

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