SpaceX’s to send organ chips to space for deeper insight on how space travel affects humans

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Technology and innovation have come a long way in each and every field and is reducing the amount of human labour, while increasing the convenience (though it is still debatable).

In the field of space and astronomy, the technologies have advanced to a huge extent, and the risk to human life has also reduced considerably. Experiments now don’t need humans to fly to the space, instead those can be made better for human with newer ways to find out how the human body would react to certain space conditions.

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Among the many experiments that SpaceX is performing, it is now reportedly set to send microchips embedded with living human cells or so-called organs on a chip to help understand how space travel affects humans.

According to Wired, the organs on a chip replicate human physiological function at the cellular level and have been designed to study those processes easier than in actual humans.

The set of tissue chips modelling kidneys, bone and cartilage, blood-brain barrier, and lungs is scheduled to arrive at the International Space Station (ISS) in the next few days. The experiment will help researchers discover novel medical treatments for a number of disorders on Earth.

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