A guide to be environmentally friendly while travelling

Being a responsible and mindful traveller, you need to be concerned about the environment and your surroundings.

There are many steps you can take on to ‘Go Green’, some simple things also include ditching single-use plastics, reducing carbon footprint, and contributing to a community. There are other things that will make you sweat a bit and require hard work. Here are a few changes you can do and be mindful of while travelling to save Mother Earth.

Drop your load

Packing efficiently not only helps you while travelling by reducing load but also reduces the aircraft’s carbon emissions. You can cut the load by including fewer multipurpose clothes and items as well as switching to e-books. You should only carry essentials and you can easily buy the rest

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Fuel efficient car/ Public transport 

Travelling responsibly doesn’t mean giving something up. If you can’t ditch cars and take public transport or walk it then you can ensure that you take electric or fuel-efficient cars when you travel.

Follow local recycling rules

Make sure that when you are travelling make sure you follow the local recycling rules. If you are staying at a hotel or homestay, check on their recycling policies.

Leave no trace 

Whenever you travel somewhere, try and carry back your waste and also try if you can carry your own reusable bags, straws, utensils. This will cut down waste considerably especially plastic.

Reduce the use of plastic 

Globally, almost 300 million tons of plastic are produced annually and half of it is single-use plastic. According to the Plastic Oceans Foundation, over 8 million tons of that plastic is dumped into the ocean. There are countries that have phased out single-use plastics, and also you can think of ways to decline plastic straws and cutlery.


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