Priyanka breaks silence; says everyone knows that Rahul is an Indian

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Congress General Secretary and UP East in-charge Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, finally broke her silence regarding her brother and Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s citizenship.
She called the controversy over the citizenship of Rahul Gandhi rubbish and drama.

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“The controversy about Rahul’s citizenship is rubbish and drama. The whole of India knows that Rahul Gandhi is an Indian,” she said.

“He was born, raised and grew up in India. What sort of rubbish is this (controversy) regarding his citizenship,” Priyanka said as she attended election meetings in Amethi.

The Congress party on Tuesday said the Home Ministry’s notice to Rahul regarding his citizenship was a plan to divert people’s attention from the real issues that the nation is faced with.

The party accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of resorting to ‘a fake narrative to divert the attention of the people as he has no answers for unemployment, farmer distress, and tax terrorism unleashed on the traders of the country’.

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The Ministry of Home Affairs on Tuesday issued a notice to Gandhi regarding his citizenship after receiving a complaint from Rajya Sabha MP Dr Subramanian Swamy and has asked him to respond in fifteen days.
Dr Swamy has alleged that a company named Backops Limited was registered in the United Kingdom in the year 2003 and that Gandhi was one of the Directors and Secretary of the company.
He also stated that the Congress president had declared his nationality as British in a UK-based company.
“It has been further brought out in the complaint that in the Company’s Annual Returns filed on October 10, 2005, and October 31, 2006, your date of birth has been given as June 19, 1970, and that you had declared your nationality as British. Further, in the Dissolution application dated 17/02/2009 of the above-referred company, your nationality has been mentioned as British,” the notice said.

Congress however, came out strongly on this subject. They said that the whole country knows that he is a citizen of India. They also asked the BJP as to why this topic is always brought up during elections.


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