WhatsApp launches cricket stickers to celebrate the IPL fever in the country

The fever of IPL has gripped the country and WhatsApp has announced Cricket Stickers to celebrate the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) 2019 tournament.

Initially, WhatsApp will be rolling out the official Cricket Stickers pack for Android users and then subsequently for the iPhone users as well.

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Stickers on WhatsApp are aimed to help users find new ways to express their moods, reactions, and experiences with contacts. Notably, WhatsApp brought stickers to its platform back in October last year.

To utilize the new offering, the users on WhatsApp for Android will have to download the official Cricket Stickers pack by going to the stickers category tab from the emoji section. The new pack, once downloaded, will be available for sharing with WhatsApp contacts — just as other stickers and emoji characters.

The pack includes various stickers to include all your emotions and reactions related to cricket.


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