Avoid these five things on WhatsApp to prevent your number from getting blocked

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The fact that you’re annoying someone and are blocked by the person isn’t the only way that your number can be blocked on WhatsApp, is new to many!

If you violate certain rules and ethics and overuse certain services, then WhatsApp can actually ban your number from the messaging platform.

With the 17th Lok Sabha elections which started on 11th April and six more phases to go, the amount of fake news and broadcast messages have gone up.

So, if you’re actively using WhatsApp to talk about elections, you need to be careful about what messages you send or may end up getting blocked. Here are five things that can get your number blocked on WhatsApp:

Unwanted, automated, or bulk messages:

WhatsApp in its FAQ section on its website clearly states that users shouldn’t try to “try to bulk message, auto-message or auto-dial using WhatsApp”. As WhatsApp uses both machine learning technology and reports from users to detect and ban accounts sending unwanted messages. If you contact users in ways they may not want then you can get banned. Avoid creating accounts or groups in unauthorized or automated ways, or use modified versions of WhatsApp.

Use contact lists that are not yours:

WhatsApp tells users to never share “phone numbers without people’s consent or use data obtained from illicit sources (by buying lists of phone numbers for example) to message users on WhatsApp or add them to groups.”

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Over-use broadcast lists:

Often people have a tendency to broadcast message using a certain list. WhatsApp states that messages sent using a broadcast list will only be received when users have added your phone number to their contact list. If you frequently use broadcast messages then it may lead to people reporting your messages. In such cases, WhatsApp blocks accounts that are reported multiple times.

Violating WhatsApp’s terms of service:

As part of WhatsApp terms of service, it is prohibited, “amongst other things, publishing falsehoods and engaging in illegal, threatening, intimidating, hateful, and racially or ethnically offensive behavior.”

Forwarding fake news:

The amount of fake news is on its peak and forwarding and populating the fake news can land you in trouble, as WhatsApp now has its own fact-checking number out for people to verify the information that they get.

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