India Decides 2019: RaGa dares NaMo for an ‘open book debate’

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New Delhi: In the midsts of political campaigning for the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha polls, Congress President Rahul Gandhi challenged Prime Minister Narendra Modi for an ‘open book debate’ over Rafale, Nirav Modi and Deminetisation.

Rahul Gandhi took it to Twitter to dare PM Modi.

“Dear PM, scared of debating me on corruption? I can make it easier for you. Let’s go open book, so you can prepare: 1. RAFALE+Anil Ambani, 2. Nirav Modi, 3. Amit Shah+Demonetisation,” Rahul Gandhi tweeted.

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Gandhi has been attacking PM Modi led government over the range of issues including Rafale Deal, Nirav Modi in his election rallies.

Earlier in the day, Rahul Gandhi thrashed BJP manifesto which was released on Monday.

He called it ‘short-sighted and arrogant’ and spared no words to bring out the difference in approach, the way he views it.

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