Include this fruit in your diet everyday for weight loss and other benefits

Recently actress Parineeti Chopra shared a story where she mentioned that she has included papaya in her diet every day as recommended by Tennis star Sania Mirza. She insisted that Sania had suggested her to eat a bowl of papaya daily and she has been religiously following this advice now to stay fit.

The benefits of papaya 

Papayas contain a lot of important enzymes and nutritional elements for overall benefit. An enzyme called papain helps in digestion and it helps break down the protein in the body. Papaya is light and easy to digest hence can be had regularly as it doesn’t make your system work too much.

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Including papaya in your diet also helps in healing problems like constipation or any bowel related issues. Like most fruits, this one also has essential anti-oxidants that helps the skin glow and heal the body.

The other essential nutrients Vitamins present in the fruit such as Vitamin A, B, C and K, Calcium and Potassium shield the body from diseases. Papayas are ideal for weight loss or boost it as they are very low in calories and contain good cholesterol. Instead of binging on junk food and other eatables, one can easily eat this once a day.


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