WhatsApp finally saves you from being added to unwanted groups!

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The amount of WhatsApp groups you are added to surpasses the number of friends you have. To help ease your woes, WhatsApp is reportedly introducing a new tool that will allow you to block anyone from adding you to a group chat.

According to Fast Company, the new feature will be available under the privacy settings in the app. Under Privacy, head to Groups in the app, and choose from three options – Nobody, My Contacts, and Everyone.

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Similar to how you set your preferences for your WhatsApp profile photo or last seen status, you can select Nobody, if you don’t want anyone to add you to a group. Choose My Contacts if you are sure of your friends’ list and want to avoid spam accounts or business accounts from pestering you with messages. Choose Everyone if you are okay with the current settings which allow anyone using WhatsApp to add you to any group.

If you are concerned about your privacy as well as sanity, you can go with the Nobody setting as this will disable any group admin from adding you instantly. However, it will allow them to send you a joining link, valid for 72 hours, in case you want to be added to the group.

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