Fact Checked: Was this hand pump set up by BJP MP Manoj Tiwari?

Fact Checked: Was this hand pump set up BJP MP Manoj Tiwari?

A picture of a handpump is being circulated on social media claiming that it was set up by BJP MP Manoj Tiwari.

“चीन, पाकिस्तान, रूस यहाँ तक कि अमेरिका भी इस काम से कांप चुका है…😂😅” the caption read.

” मनोज तिवारी भाजपा सांसद द्वारा निर्मित” the text in the picture read.


We started the investigation by checking the Facebook Page. The cover picture of the page clearly states that the account is a parody account.

While going through the comments on the post, we came across a user who posted the original picture, which we also verified.

When we reached out to Rizwanual Qadir, he informed us that the image is from Kishanganj and was shared by his friend, Mumtaz Naiyer.

Mumtaz Naiyer confirmed that the image is from Kishanganj and was in fact shared by him. ” It was shared by me few days before and it gone viral from my wall, ” he said.

He shared the picture on March 26.

He also shared more images from the Kishanganj

We confirmed on the Vidhan Sabha Website that Dr Mohammad Jawaid is the sitting MLA from the constituency. He fought on the Congress ticket.

This proves that the original picture was manipulated and the viral image is FAKE.

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