Tips for anxiety free travel around the world

You can travel the world without any anxiety by following these tips
You can travel the world without any anxiety by following these tips

Do you experience panic attacks or anxiety on a flight? Do you feel strange and awkward in new places? Travel anxiety can really ruin a lovely beginning to a vacation. Here are some tips to travel without panic or anxiety.

Planning and preparation

Start your packing and itinerary planning in advance to avoid last minute rush and panic. Make sure you pack as much stuff as possible and just leave the tiny things to be added to the luggage at the last hour.

Pre-book transportation to the airport

With the feature of pre-booking cabs in many applications, you can book your cab a night in advance and be away from the last minute stress of getting a cab. It is not always comfortable to call upon relatives to drop you at the last minute.

Carry nibbles for the flight

Munching on the flight can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress. Carry nuts like raisins and almonds, chocolates or wafers in your handbags to distract yourselves from a flight panic.

Keep medicines handy

Keep your basic pills like Crocin, Emset, etc, handy at all times while you are travelling and preferably pack them in your handbags which you can keep with you all the time. It would be a bad idea to look for them during an attack.

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Research well

Detailed research about the place you are visiting is always helpful as you are at least aware of the important areas.

Emergency numbers on speed dial

Save emergency numbers on the speed dial list of your phones. This helps in case you get stuck in some place and do not know what to do next. The most obvious thing to happen in such a situation would be a panic attack. Speed dial is what works best at this time.

Travel light

Wear the lightest clothes while travelling to avoid suffocation or problems in breathing. The best combination would be light t-shirts and capris or a soft cotton salwar kameez for females and t-shirts with shorts for males.


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