The GoT ‘Iron Throne’ promotional game is driving fans crazy

The makers of the fan favourite and epic series Game of Thrones have come up with a great idea to keep fans engaged ahead of the final season which will air in April. They have hidden around 6 Iron Thrones in secret locations across the globe.


Clues have been released by HBO on a site ‘For the Throne’, which is an hour-long live stream of each of the thrones at their locations. Fans have managed to discover around 5 of the 6 thrones.


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The first throne was found in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, the UK, the rest were discovered in Björkliden, Sweden; Atienza, Spain and Beberibe, Brazil. On Tuesday the fifth throne was discovered in Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia, Canada.

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HBO’s Game of Thrones has cleverly promoted the show which has three parts: Quest, Bleed and Create. In ‘Quest’, you have to look for thrones, ‘Bleed’ gives you a chance to save lives by donating blood to Red Cross and lastly ‘Create’ enables you create your own prop collection of GoT.


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