What is GAQM CSM Certification & How PrepAway can Help You in Building Your Career?

In today’s world, most of the people are going in IT field only. And 60% of the people going in the IT field are becoming software developers or are doing jobs related to software development, testing, etc. But it has been noticed that even after completing graduation or post-graduation IT field, people don’t get enough knowledge in their field. For example, students think that completing B.Tech will give them immense knowledge about their particular field; however, the reality is students need to do various certifications to acquire the practical knowledge which is required to become a professional. If we talk about IT field, Scrum is a platform which is trending worldwide and it just a management framework which helps software developers to deliver their best work. As the framework is trending worldwide, one needs to keep himself updated with the knowledge of every new software and every technology and for the knowledge of Scrum, GAQM, i.e. Global Association for Quality Management is a firm which is offering students a CSM certification course which is valid worldwide and which can help the students gain the in-depth knowledge of Scrum.

The certification acts as a stamp in your Resume that you have learned each and everything about Scrum and can lead yourself or your firm to build extraordinary software with your teammates www.prepaway.net.

What is GAQM CSM certification?

CSM certification is a certification related to a framework named Scrum. It is provided by GAQM (Global Association for Quality Management). Scrum is a management framework which was built to produce brilliant software without any hassle. In this framework, the work gets split into multiple team members, and thus every team member works on his/her given tasks only which leads to efficient software development. CSM certification is a certificate, or it acts as a proof that one has all the knowledge about the Scrum software and he/she has proved this by clearing CSM certification of various approved firms.

To know more about CSM certification, visit GAQM official website.

Why should a student go for CSM certification?

Various researches are being held daily on the topic that which profession earns more income, and it has been found out that a Scrum master earns more income than various high rated IT, professionals. According to a research a Scrum master now earns around $100,000 a year which is more than a lot of people working in various fields. So, if a student gets to earn the above-mentioned income, why would he/she say NO to gather maximum knowledge about the job and for that he needs to do CSM certification which is also called Certified Scrum Master certification.

How to do the CSM certification?

There aren’t any specific perquisites to do CSM certification; however, it is necessary that the individual should have some knowledge about Scrum. Further, the student needs to find an institute, a firm or a center that provides help and support for preparation of appearing in the exam that lets you get the CSM certification. Students need to pass the CSM-001 exam in order to achieve the CSM certification. Candidates need to study well and understand the modules and syllabus. Students are required to give 28 correct answers out of the total 40 to get themselves CSM certified!

From where should you do the CSM certification?

Although there are hundreds of Institutions or training centers available on the web and all around the world who are dealing with CSM certifications, still the certification that GAQM provides is known to be the best. There are plenty of reasons for it to be called as the best and a few of them are listed below:

  • GAQM provides the certification at a very low cost which is affordable to most of the students.
  • The knowledge that the GAQM certified SM would be having would be unmatchable to any other SM as GAQM always makes sure that its student gets the latest knowledge, and most importantly they make sure that the student learns about the certification more practically.
  • All the courses or certifications provided by GAQM are approved and are valid all around the world.
  • The validity of the GAQM CSM certification is for a lifetime, and an individual doesn’t need to pass the test again and again for renewals.

GAQM or Global Association for Quality management is a firm which provides a number of courses and certifications, and it always makes sure that students are participating in their courses, should earn maximum knowledge regarding their fields.

Optional Preparation Source

Getting GAQM CSM certification is a tough way, though possible. Along with the official prep materials, check some at PrepAway. Being worldly accepted by exam takers, this website has gained its popularity. What’s important, on PrepAway online platform you can get the most updated exam dumps that are a great tool to get the insight of the certification exam and revise the learned exam material. What’s more, to enhance your preparation process you can take the video course with a qualified and experienced instructor that will share with you the details on the exam. On top of that, PrepAway provides you with the opportunity to communicate with other exam takers, thus you can get the tips used by other candidates during the preparation process for the exam. It’s pretty handy, isn’t it?

Registration process

GAQM provides three ways to register yourself for CSM certification:

  • If you want to register yourself for an exam as well as for an E-course, then you need to pay $150, which will include a 40 days E-course and also an exam voucher by which you will be able to fill the exam to acquire GAQM CSM certification.
  • If you just want to learn about the framework and don’t want to pass the exam, then it is a 20-days course, and you will be paying an amount of $60 for the same.
  • In case, you are just looking to register yourself for the exam voucher, and you are not looking to attend the course of GAQM, then you need to pay $128, and you will get an exam voucher which will be valid for a time span of 8 months.

What if a student fails?

GAQM provides a facility in which the exam can be given N number of times, and thus students don’t need to worry if he fails in his first attempt. There is a condition in re-attempting the exam that the student should wait for 7 days after registering himself for the re-attempt.

CSM certification is popular worldwide as companies are offering lots of jobs as Scrum Masters worldwide, but the institutes offering the CSM certifications are very less comparatively. That is why GAQM CSM certification is a huge benefit to all the SM aspirants sitting at various parts of the world as by GAQM CSM certification; one can acquire all the knowledge about Scrum as well as can get certified sitting at his/her home only. So, what are you waiting for? If you are an IT aspirant and looking for a job with a handsome salary, then prepare yourself for GAQM CSM certification and earn more than various IT professionals in the field.

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