Reasons why Slovenia should be your next travel destination

Slovenia, is not often on the list of visitors while planning a Euro-trip, but one of the best off-beat places one should visit. Tucked between Italy, Austria, and Croatia is a stunning nestled with alpine villages, lakes, beautiful forests. Slovenia has a dreamlike view and one of the most underrated beautiful places to offer.

Here are 5 places you must visit in Slovenia

Lake Bled

Lake Bled is one of Slovenia’s most popular places. The clear blue waters, view of the Julien Alps and a castle on a hill, its perfect for a romantic setting.


Pokljuka Plateau

Located within Triglav National Park, at 3600 to 4600 feet, Pokljuka is a plateau of forests with mountain pastures. The place is popular for winter sports and you can go hiking in the area.

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The capital city of Slovenia was named the “Green Capital of Europe 2016” by the European Commission and rightly so. It is charming and there are places to just explore by taking a nice walk around. Visit the Old Town, sit by the Ljubljanica River, or explore the hilltop sixteenth-century Ljubljana Castle.

Škocjan Caves

This UNESCO World Heritage site is located in the Karst region. A limestone plateau, it stretches from Slovenia to Italy.  The underground area consists of 3.8 miles of underground passages, waterfalls, and rapids, and the enormous Martel Chamber.


Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora is one of Slovenia’s best resort towns to visit during the winter. It is surrounded by some of the highest peaks and ski slopes for adventure sports.


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