Two magic ingredients to consume before sleeping for weight loss

The most imperative and trying times of our lives are when we keep hopping from one diet to the other and going hungry but not seeing adequate results. There are a number of diets to choose from these days, but not all are effective or suit your body type.

Certain diets advocate eating fats over carbs, some diets advocate eating high protein. If you have tried and tested most of these diets and are not convinced with their outcome, there is a natural way to go to speed up the process of weight loss and metabolism in your body.

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Experts recommend that the two ingredients that help burning fat and should be consumed before sleeping are cinnamon and honey. Just boil one tablespoon of cinnamon in water and add a little bit of honey to it. Sipping it before bedtime boosts metabolism and speeds the weight loss process. The idea is to drink it 30 minutes prior to your bedtime.

The idea is also to have a balanced diet minus the junk even through the day with a twenty minute workout routine. This is the most effective way to increase metabolism in addition to doing the tip.  A healthy diet and a good workout routine works in the ratio of 70:30 for getting potent results.


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