5 signs that you need to dump your partner asap!

In a relationship, there are ups and downs and when the honeymoon period ends, it becomes tough to manage. A huge amount of effort goes into making the relationship work and sometimes you feel like you aren’t happy or your partner isn’t making enough efforts to make it work. Luckily there are some tell-tale signs that help you look out and introspect on your relationship.

If you are feeling distanced or unhappy here are a few signs you need to look out for in case you want to decide if this is the one for you.

Here are some signs that will help you decide, “Is it time to dump your partner?”


You want different things from life 

Building a life together means that you need to have similar ideas of how you want your future to shape up. You might want to live in another part of the world in a humble abode, while they may be a little fancier. You may have different opinions on marriage and kids and you would just want to use the time to change their mind and get on board with your dreams.

The reality is however if you have nothing or almost nothing in common in your future plans then it’s best to move on and end the relationship.


You feel more comfortable being with your friends than your partner

This is one of the most important signs that tell you that you should consider being single than being in a relationship. If the distance has grown so much that you feel happier being alone or spending time with your set of friends then they are not worth your while. This clearly shows that neither you enjoy their company and nor your priorities lie with them, so you’re better off being single for a bit.

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Gaslighting, playing games 

It is strange but true that a whole lot of independent and strong people do not realize that they are in a toxic relationship. Your partner makes you believe that you are emotionally dependent on them and you have no value otherwise. Gaslighting is an important component of a toxic relationship that affects your self-esteem and confidence and you end up losing your individuality. Get your friends involved, get help, talk it out and be strong, if you’re part of a toxic relationship, you would need the support of your loved ones. Dump them asap.


Your partner doesn’t fulfill your desires 

When you are part of a relationship, you want to be loved and pampered as well as well shower your affection and attention on your partner. But after a bit you realize that it is a one-way street and your partner doesn’t seem to care about your emotional or physical needs. If you feel like your desires are being overlooked then they just don’t care enough to grow together. In today’s world, kindness, pampering, and encouragement go a long way and they are basics of a relationship. If you don’t feel they are not adhering to your needs then you need to dump him.



Communication is effective to work any relationship, you need a strong bond and be able to talk about everything under the sun. You should be able to talk about your fears, dreams and deepest feelings without feeling like you would be judged all the time. The idea is to have conflicting views but figure out ways to maintain harmony and come to a conclusion. Having opposing viewpoints is not the issue but letting peace prevail is definitely one. If all discussions end up in fights, then its time to clear your head and get on with your life.


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