My govt made the impossible, possible: PM addresses rally in Churu

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My govt made the impossible, possible: PM addresses rally in Churu

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a rally of ex-soldiers/servicemen in Churu, Rajasthan on 26th February, hours after the strikes on Balakot in Pakistan, where over 300 terrorists in a JeM terror base were killed.

The Prime Minister, though, did not talk about this strike at all or mentioned Pulwama attack in his speech. This was an election-based campaign wherein the government related issues were spoken about.

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He however, hinted that the ‘josh’ of the people of India must be high today.
“The country is in safe hands,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, while addressing the rally.

He said it was an important day and we need to salute the soldiers of the country. He guaranteed that the country was in safe hands.

PM Modi said he vows that he will not let the country die. He will not let the country stop and he will not let the country bow down.

In his poetic style, he assured the people of his motherland that he will not let the country’s head bow down ever. He was confident that the country has risen to a new dawn and each citizen will win.

Catch a glimpse of the National War Memorial dedicated to the armed forces

He stressed on the point that his government thinks that a group is bigger than an individual, and the nation is bigger than any party. He said that his party is dedicated to the welfare of the country.

Churu is an important area, as many youngsters join the armed forces from here. PM Modi connected this aspect of Churu with the fact that the country has dedicated the National War Memorial in New Delhi to the memory of all braveheart’s who fought for the country and were martyred.

PM Modi also touched upon the OROP issue. Majority of the audience were from ex-servicemen families and this was of importance to them. He stated that the government has given 35,000 crores to soldiers under OROP.
More than 100000 soldier families of Rajasthan have benefitted from it.

He also touched upon the farmer issue. He directly targeted the Rajasthan Congress party for not sending the farmer list to the centre. He said it was unfortunate that not even a single farmer in Rajasthan had benefitted from the Yojna as yet.

He promised that within next 10 years Rs. 7.5 Lakh crore will be deposited in the accounts of all farmers. They will not have to do anything for it. They will directly get a notification on their mobile phones, saying that they have received the amount.
He said that his government has made the impossible, possible. India needs a strong government and he assured that their vote will give him the strength to take India to new heights.


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