21 minutes that shook Pakistan, what it means strategically

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India ushered in a new strategic dawn today with 12 Indian Air Force Mirage 2000 aircraft targetting multiple terror targets within Pakistan. This is for the first time in nearly four decades that IAF crossed the line of control which was something not even done during the Kargil war.

It sends out a clear message to Pakistan that enough is enough, it is a new India and it will not be cowed down by terrorists in Pakistan.

It is also a message to the world that while India has exercised restraint it will not hold back when its citizens are killed.
The message to the armed forces was very clear minimise collateral damage and ensure that terror launch pads are targeted. Globally India is on a high earlier this week several top diplomats told this correspondent in the US and at UN that India’s compulsions were understood.
The fact that a range of options were explored and used goes on to reinforce the strategic thinking of the Indian leadership led by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his security establishment.
The targets were chosen deep inside Pakistan territory and places like Balakote which was the epicentre were targeted.
For now this is just the beginning and if Pakistan does not bring these terror ayatullahas from functioning there will be more punishment in store.

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