Safety first – ‘No selfie’ zones at tourist places in India


Owing to the rise in ‘selfie deaths’, the Indian government is now all set to take multiple precautionary steps in order to ensure safety on tourist spots. There is a plan in place to mark famous tourist places as ‘no selfie’ zones by the government. People have been taking risks in order to get adventurous selfies and post pictures on social media.

India has reported the most ‘selfie deaths’ by far, according to a research study.  The appalling figure of 259 between 2011 and 2017 have pushed the government to take steps in order to make sure people are safe. People tend to put themselves on risk by trying to capture their perfect moments while exploring. According to the proposal, all the states and union territories will need to identify the tourist spots that are more prone to be risky and can result in ‘selfie deaths’ and then they can be marked as no selfie zones.

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The selfie trend has created a storm in the digital world. But this has come with its string of disadvantages and resulted in many deaths all across the globe. Ireland recently has passed a proposal for placing ‘selfie seats’ in the popular tourist spots over Ireland. Russia launched a campaign with the slogan, ‘Even a million ‘Likes’ on social media are not worth your life and well-being’. A national park in Indonesia announced creating a safe spot for taking pictures after a hiker died while taking a selfie. Goa has also identified around 24 ‘no selfie zones’ along its coastline.

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