Quirky Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will leave your ex dazed!

With Valentine’s day around the corner, most people will wait to cosy up next to their valentine. Flowers, gifts, romantic dates and lunches and dinners will be the flavour of the day.

However, this valentine – how about turning up the quirk quotient. How about getting back at that ‘no so happy experience’ ex-partner, who wasn’t the perfect icing on your cake.

We came up with some out of the box ideas for that perfect gift. A gift your ex would remember for some time to come.
So, this valentine, other than being the goody self that you normally are – get the other side of your personality to do something different. Ridiculous? Revengeful? But then, its all in good faith!

Maybe they do get the joke after all.

Apart from the quirky ties, socks, a copy full of weird captions and quotes, the following work well too.

And this is 2019’s trending and bestselling valentines’ idea!
A zoo in England, for about 1.50 pounds is offering a chance for the heartbroken “to name a cockroach in honor of your, or your friend’s, worthless ex-‘someone’ on this special holiday of love.”
That person’s name will appear on the “roach board” in the bug’s enclosure.

As smelly as it may sound, it tops the list of the quirkiest gifts ever. There are outlets and companies that deal with this ‘shit’. Place an order, mail the address and the delivery will promptly be made.
The good part (if at all) is that they sell cow poop, goat dung and not any other variety.
The look on your ex’s face should definitely not be missed.

A shower curtain
Not the usual gift item ever. Gift them shower curtains or towels with designs that you wouldn’t ever attempt. Or a colour that completely spoils the aesthetics of the house.

That’s true, nothing at all. Because that’s exactly what you owe him – nothing! A box full of emptiness, as beautifully decorated as you can ever do. Cap it with a nice card that explains your gift and let him scratch his head in wonder.

A soap bar – with a lizard!
Yes, you read it correct. There are quick DIY soap formulas available in abundance in the market. Get them. Put in a fake lizard or another animal in the solution and let it ‘freeze’ up to a soap.
And if that’s too much pain, search the net and you can easily order some like these.

Wrappers that you don’t know what to do of
Don’t throw away chocolate, bread, cheese, egg wrappers, save them for your ex. Pack them up with patience and creativity. A large box would be an added advantage.

A box full of chocolates…but with a difference
So, what are the veggies that your ex dislikes the most. Get those out of the fridge – broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, bitter guard, even rotten egg shells.
Now empty the tasty insides of a fancy chocolate box – the one that would be expensive and melt in your mouth tasty.

Top the veggies bytes with chocolate sauce and wrap them up diligently and efficiently. Place them back and close the cover.
Now wait for the ex to uncover and see your goodness!


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