Go Green this 2019 with sustainable travel


From ‘Bite Size Travel’, ‘Solo Travel’ to ‘Couples Retreats’, these are the few trends in travel that have made waves in recent years. With changing technology and the desire to make travel experiences not only worthwhile but also unique,  there is yet another trend which is gaining momentum – ‘Eco Travel’ or ‘Sustainable Travel.’

With the increasing environmental challenges, be it global warming and the resulting unstable polar vortex or the amount of waste that is generated each year, 2019 is marked as the year of the conscious traveller. The millennials are already picking up on the changing realities and the travel trends as they are will be looking to choose more sustainable and economical travel options.

Tips for Sustainable Travel


The idea is to make your future travel plans more environmentally friendly by choosing to reduce your carbon footprint and minimizing the overall impact.

As an eco-tourist, the idea is to find locations and destinations where you can contribute to the community’s or host country’s environmental issues and goals. There are options for the tourists to engage in activities such as clearing plastic and litter off beaches in the host country or working on farms not only helps the environment overall but will also enrich the society.

Small steps that can be taken while travelling and also in the hustle bustle of the city are willing and wisely choosing economic modes of transportation – the walking tours, bike tours, public transport and guided tours that help minimize the damage.

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There are places which offer the opportunity to go organic with many options while the idea of economic accommodation is also catching up with people offering a holistic approach with providing energy by solar and windmills.

According to a survey conducted by Booking.com, over 86 percent of global travellers were in favour of seeking more economic and sustainable activities to help reduce the negative impact of their stay on the environment.

With the greater awareness towards the initiative, the trend is expected to bloom in the coming years.

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