Wondering how to wash sneakers, toys, yoga mats? look no further

Wondering how to wash sneakers, toys, yoga mats? look no further

In today’s world, not a day goes when we don’t use technology to better our lives, accelerate it for optimum use and use it to make every day routine easier and less difficult.
One such technical marvel is the washing machine. Gone are the days of sitting for hours to wash clothes with hands. Now, it’s literally a child’s job to dump clothes in it, press a few buttons and voila! the work is done without batting an eyelid.

Washing machines are any humans best friend in a home setting. But did you know, that this tech help can do much more than just wash clothes? Surprised.
Well, here are some ways that can help you optimise the usage of the machine.

Sport equipment’s

After all the sweat, grime and dirt that gets accumulated on your sports gear, a wash is the perfect solution to make it fresh and ready to use. Pop them in a mesh cover and use the washing machine. Sports gear like shin guards, knee pads and compression sleeves can be washed easily.

Reusable grocery bags & kitchen accessories

These bags collect the maximum dust and grime. Used for multiple things, these can be the storehouse for infections to get passed on. Wash them regularly by placing them on a regular cycle with mild detergent. Even oven gloves, cleaning mats and other bases can be washed easily.

Yoga mats

Again, can be a huge potential dirt grabber! Wash them easily in a cool-water tumble.
You may need a strong detergent to clean the bacteria from the folds.

Mouse pads, small rugs and car mats

Please do due diligence in terms of the company labeling regarding dry cleaning and washing. If its mentioned, wash them easily. Wash on a gentle cycle with cold water, so that the texture does not wither away and it doesn’t shrink.

Sneakers & caps

This was the biggest revelation! Wash your dirty sneakers in the washing machine for the ultimate clean look. Remove the shoe laces, the insoles, put them in a mesh bag and wash on a gentle cycle.
Let them dry in the open post the clean. Likewise, pure cloth caps can also be placed in mesh bags and washed.

Stuffed Toys
This works very well especially for households with kids. Dump the excess baggage from the kids’ room into the machine and let them get cleaned off all the mud rolling’s that they are otherwise subjected to.
Use on a gentle cycle. Also ensure they aren’t torn or ripped on the sides.

Cloth and vinyl backpack, gym bags are safe to machine wash. Turn the bag inside out before the wash.

Pillows & pet beds and blankets
Place two pillows in the water to balance the load. Add the detergent and run the washer on a regular cycle. Post this, dry them in a dryer for the perfect output.
Same goes for the pet accessories too.


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