Mumbai’s biggest street fest Kala Ghoda, is a mix of heritage & culture

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Mumbai's biggest street fest Kala Ghoda, is a mix of heritage & culture

Visiting Mumbai or planning a trip soon? Now is the time, because Mumbai has begun the most sought-after street art festival that completes 20 years of existence and continues to be the most loved festival in Mumbai.

The biggest street art festival of Mumbai, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival has begun. The streets are full of art enthusiasts, tourists and people coming to enjoy a piece of culture and rich heritage of the city.

With a diverse array of artists and creative people engaging and expressing their thoughts and ideas, this festival is a must visit.
The theme for this year is A Measure of Time – a theme that invites visitors to take a retrospective peek at the festival’s existence

Here are the top picks for the festival –

Creative sessions for kids
Not only adults, but kids can let lose their creative juices and engage with matured minds.

Some of the highlights this year are the rap group that talks about environmental issues with music.

The festival aims at building their confidence by touching upon relevant issues and helping them liberate their creativity.
There’s also an introductory session on creative writing which aims at developing writing as a discipline in kids. Puppet shows, Mandala art forms and Science experiments and literature sections are some other aspects of the festival.

One of the best features of Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2019 is that it has moved beyond Bollywood to promote regional cinema. And not just Marathi but also genres from Malyalam, Bengali and Konkani films will be screened.
They are showcasing international cinema with languages like French, English and Spanish making it to the shortlist.

Head to watch a show of the longest running Hindi comedy play titled, Hai Mera Dil. It has been running for the past 36 years and has had over 1067 shows.
There are also many street styled plays. Regional languages also dominate.
The last day of the festival features some power-packed theatre performances giving out social messages, one of which includes Buddha Sathiya Gaya Hai, a portrayal of two elderly people, who after interacting with each other, come to value themselves and their own life choices.

If so, much of culture is around, food cannot be left behind! The festival boasts of an array of food. From Asian to organic to international.
There are also exclusive food festivals and discussions that are held.

Storytelling workshops are far and many. The regional flavours make them unique and different.

Some of these include storytelling tradition of Rajasthan, printmaking technique and photography documentation. Some of these workshops are also music based like the Percussion with Passion-Let It Go, a musical journey through percussion.

Apart from these, there is a whole lot of dance, literature, stand-up comedy, heritage talks that are sure to keep audiences and visitors enthralled.
Don’t miss this festival at all!


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