Polar Vortex in Midwest inspires Wet Pants, Boiling Water, Noodles challenges

Resident of midwest participating in the Midwest challenge

In the recent days, the US has been enveloped by a cold wave due to the phenomenon known as Polar Vortex.

Residents of the midwest – Chicago, Iowa and Minneapolis – have been the worst hit, with offices, schools and flight services being halted due to temperatures as low as minus 49-degree Celsius (including wind chill), lower than that of the two poles.

What is Polar Vortex?

According to meteorologists, the polar vortex is not a new phenomenon. The vortex exists near the two poles. It refers to the counterclockwise flow of air that circulates and navigates the coldest air near the North and South pole.

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Scientists suggest that global warming has caused this change in the position of the vortex as the recent change in the temperature in the Arctic region has led to the melting of ice.

Social Media Relief

While global warming is real and polar vortex has caused havoc, people in the Midwest are entertaining themselves in the extreme weather conditions by taking to social media challenges.

The popular challenges include the ‘Boiling Water Challenge’ – throwing boiling water to see it freeze instantly and the ice dispersed mid-air, to ‘Freezing Hair Flip Challenge’ and then the infamous ‘Ramen Noodles Challenge’ which shows that food should only be consumed indoors as it will get rock hard in the bone-chilling weather.

Another challenge has recently been kicked off – ‘The Wet Pants Challenge’ which involves wetting a pair of pants in the numbing cold to make it freeze instantly and stay upright without support.

Here are the challenges and viral videos –


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The current administration #Frozenpants

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#usps powerhouse. Gus thinks that bag is full of dog treats. #frozenpants

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