Don’t leave crease with MS Dhoni behind the stumps: ICC’s golden advice

Don't leave crease with MS Dhoni behind the stumps: ICC's golden advice

MS Dhoni’s fans rejoiced on Sunday as he returned to play the fifth and the last ODI against New Zealand. Dhoni did not play the two ODIs (third and fourth) against New Zealand because of the injury.

Dhoni, yet again, amazed the fans after he pulled off another piece of skill in the 5th ODI. Just like before, he once again proved that he is undoubtedly one of the best wicketkeepers out there. And it seems even ICC can’t control its excitement when it comes to Dhoni and his super quick reflexes.

A Japanese multimedia artist Yoko Ono, on Feb 1st, tweeted, “Give us some advice that will make our lives heal and shine.”

To which, the official twitter account of International Cricket Council replied, “Never leave your crease with MS Dhoni behind the stumps!”

During the 37th over of the New Zealand innings, James Neesham who was batting on 44, missed a flighted ball and it hit him on the back pad. The umpire said not out when India appealed.

Neesham didn’t see where the ball is and came out of the crease and Dhoni’s showed great presence of mind, he picked up the ball hit the stumps.

By the time Neesham realised what happened, it was too late. Acknowledging his mistake, he later tweeted: “Thanks for all the advice. Figure out where the ball is, then run. Gotcha 👍.”

At that time, New Zealand needed 77 off 83 balls to win. India won the match by fifth ODI by 35 to clinch the series 4-1.



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