These signs tell you are the selfish one in your relationship

These signs tell you are the selfish one in your relationship
These signs tell you are the selfish one in your relationship

When it comes to relationships, there are times when either of the partners would become selfish, depending on the situations. However, turning streaks of selfishness into self-centeredness, immaturity, and inconsiderate behaviour can hamper your relationship.

Now, spend a minute asking yourselves a few questions. Do you think about how your partner would like to spend the weekend? Is it you who always makes the plans and decisions? During an argument, do you actually listen to what your partner is saying or just put your point forward?

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If you are able to relate to these questions, it is time, you realized that you have been unjust with your partner all this while.

Here are some signs that would make it easier for you to understand this factor in your relationship:

You want your partner to listen to you but do not want to listen to them

When you are in a relationship, you want to share your problems with your partner who you feel would take your side all the time. However, if you get bored listening to your partner talking, it means that you are being selfish.

You insist upon your point on everything until it gets agreed

If you think that you always throw your weight around, especially when it comes to discussions and compel the other person to agree with you, it is sign that your relationship could grow weak soon. This is inferred as you being in that relationship only for your needs and aspirations.

You often blame your partner for being selfish

Do you usually blame others for things that you dislike about ourselves? When you call your partner selfish, it means that you want your needs to be met, and when you do not get them easily is when you label the partner as selfish.

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You get annoyed when your partner makes plans without involving you

If you always make your partner feel guilty for being different from you, it means you are very selfish. It is important for you to realize that it is nice to have different interests and maintain a balance between the together time and the alone time.

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