Rahul Gandhi addresses Indian diaspora in Dubai: Key highlights

first visit UAE, Congress President, Rahul Gandhi, addressed, Indian Diaspora, Dubai, key highlights
Rahul Gandhi addresses Indian diaspora in Dubai: Key highlights

In his first visit to UAE, Congress President Rahul Gandhi addressed the Indian diaspora in Dubai.

Addressing hundreds of workers, Gandhi said that if Congress comes to power, they will give special status to Andhra Pradesh.

Here are the key highlights from his speech –

  • When I drive through UAE, I see your energy, blood and sweat. You have helped build this nation, and I feel proud that you have played your part with dignity, togetherness and tolerance.
  • When I met Your Highness Vice President & Prime Minister of UAE, I experienced humility. Great nations are built with that kind of humility.
  • The values that bring together the people of UAE and India are humility and tolerance; tolerance for different ideas, religions and communities. I’m sad to say that back home it is four and a half years of intolerance.

  • Without the help of the NRIs, it would be impossible for India to be where it is today. In the last century, when we stood up and fought the British, the fight was led by an NRI called Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Every single Indian, irrespective of where they live, is responsible to bring India together once again. We have to say enough.
  • We can never run a country like India believing that only one idea is correct and all other are wrong. Today, my beloved country India is being divided for political reasons.
  • Some people talk about a Congress-Mukt Bharat. We do not want a BJP-Mukt Bharat.
  • The single biggest problem that we face in India today is unemployment. We need to take this head-on. We need to show the rest of the world that not only we can beat unemployment but we can also challenge China.
  • I want to tell you that till the day I die, my doors, my ears and my heart will always be open for you.


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