You’re never too old for a vaccine! Shots that are a must for adults

You're never too old to get vaccinated
You're never too old for a vaccine! Shots that are a must for adults

Have you got all your vaccinations done in your childhood? Do you think, you do not require any shots now or are too old for them? Well, you are never too old to get vaccinated. Just like vaccinations are essential for infants and kids, same is the case with adults.

As you grow older, there is a higher risk of some particular diseases and vaccines can protect you from them, if you get them in time.

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Here is a list of some vaccinations that should not be missed by adults in order to lead a healthy and happy life:

HPV vaccine

The HPV vaccine reduces the chances of cervical cancer or genital warts. This vaccine was initially made for both males and females till the age of 26, however, now the age limit has increased up to 45 years. In India, as well, there have been multiple cases of cervical cancer, and in order to protect yourselves from this disease, get the shot on time.

Tdap vaccine

The Tdap vaccine aids in protections against tetanus, diphtheria, and whooping cough. For pregnant women as well, this vaccination is important between 27 to 36 weeks of pregnancy. The vaccine is particularly important for infants, however, it is given through antibodies from their mothers in the wombs.

Pneumococcal vaccine

Pneumonia and Meningitis are two types of Pneumococcal diseases and are fairly common among adults and can turn fatal if not treated properly. The pneumococcal vaccine is meant for adults of 65 years and above, and in the younger adults who are diagnosed of diseases such as diabetes or heart disease.

Flu vaccine

Flu vaccines are actually recommended every year to save yourselves from influenza. Since the influenza virus changes at regular intervals, a flu shot is needed every year for the latest immunization against the flu. As of now, this vaccination has been taken a little lightly since people think that this vaccine causes flu.

Travel vaccines

When travelling to different destinations, different vaccinations are required, such as the Yellow Fever vaccination when travelling to South Africa, cholera and Japanese encephalitis. When you are applying for your visa or booking tickets, the details about these are usually provided by the agents or on their websites to avoid any confusion.

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