E-2019: BJP mounts a new social media pitch to woo young voters

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E-2019: BJP mounts a new social media pitch to woo young voters

With 2019 polls round the corner, all political parties have pulled up their socks for their respective campaigns.

Leading the pack is Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), who have just launched their new video, that is aimed at attracting the young voter population in India.

The video starts on a positive note about the big BJP brand ambassador, Narendra Modi and the power with which the party came into governance in 2014.

It is a volunteer effort which was recognised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Why is targeting young India critical for these elections?

As per the 2011 Census data, about 2 crore youngsters turn 18 every year ( the eligible age to vote in India). Hence, during the 2019 general elections, over 10 crore first-time voters would be added. That is a huge population to target and every party, whether national ones like BJP and Congress, or regional parties in states, will be eyeing this lot.

The Gen Z, by and large, will be looking forward to having one agenda answered – creation of employment opportunities and this will be a key swing in 2019 elections.

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This population, that is more than the entire population of Japan, will be instrumental in deciding the fate of these parties. Creation of jobs was a prime agenda for BJP in 2014 and they need to provide the report card now.

Hopefully, the new age social media transition and videos like these will work in favour of the the parties.


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